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Colour Magick

Colours have subjective meanings,  cultural meanings, and magickal meanings. Colour works strongly with the subconscious giving your spells extra potency.

White – Innocence, prophecy, respect, cleansing, outgoing, expansion, clairvoyance, wholeness, generosity, spirituality, purity, truth, centering.

Red – Fire element, blood, life, sex, courage, energy, force, strength, health, impulsiveness, passion, will-power, vitality, magnetism. The sign Aries, and the planets Mars and Pluto.

Orange – Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, enthusiasm, friendship, self-control, receptivity, organisation and fertility.

Yellow – Air element, intelligence, imagination, mind-power, creativity, charm, confidence, persuasion, unity, success, activity, action, concentration, the sign Gemini, and the planet Mercury.

Green – The Earth element, abundance, fertility, luck, generosity, balance, co-operation, success, money, ambition, overcoming greed or envey, health and healing, the sign Taurus and the planet Neptune.

Blue – Truth, inspiration, sincerity, devotion, fidelity, honesty, peace, deep emotion, acceptance.

Dark Blue – Occult power, protection, and the sign Aquarius.

Light Blue – Tranquility, understanding, patience, health, and the sign Libra.

Purple – Psychic ability, dignity, idealism, wisdom, spiritual or occult power, progress, independence, protection, pride, honour, the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupitor.

Brown – Earthliness, stability, firmness, thrift, concentration, overcoming hesitation, uncertainty, indecision, the sign Taurus and Virgo and Capricorn.

Pink – Honour, love, morality, affection, service, spiritual awakening, unselfishness, leadership, diplomacy, femininity, the sign Libra and the planet Venus.

Black – Endings, death, closing of doors, banishing and the sign Scorpio and the planet Saturn.

Silver – Removes negativity, opens astral gates, conducts energy, the Goddess – the sign Cancer and the Moon, also the planet Uranus.

Gold – Attracts higher influences, attracts energy, the God, the sign Leo and the Sun.