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It amazes me about crystals and gemstones, how we believe wholeheartedly how majikal and empowering that they are. How each one has power for healing in a varied manner.

Crystals are amazing, and yes they do each have incredible powers about them, but they are firstly conductors of energy more so than energy houses themselves. Lazer Wands in particular were used way back in Lemuria and Atlantis, here they were stored in great sacred chambers underground. True lazer wands look ancient and rugged, they are not necessarily a very attractive crystal. But their true beauty is within them.

Using laser power beams of extreme intense light that is projected out of these crystal wands is used to create force fields or protective shields around objects, people or even places. You must hold you laser wand in your power hand and with your WILL project a direct line of energy through the crystal.

Blue Tourmaline – Indicolite transmits the blur ray of peace more powerfully than any other stone or gem on the planet.

Garnet – Ranges from emerald green into the deepest reds. The colour range covered by this gem affects the areas from the heart chakra down to the base or root chakra. Red Garnets placed on the second chakra during crystal healing helps to initiate rejuvenation, creativity, regeneration and even blood purification. When used with the Amethyst on the third eye center they help magnify the creative power of the intuitive forces.

Green Adventurine – Helps to soothe a troubled heart and neutralize emotions. It is used to balance the emotions and to bring well being into the physical body. Especially mental or emotional problems, it also neutralizes suppressed emotions.

Green Calcite – This is a mental healer especially when trying to reach a mental balance. Especially good for children who are having a hard time in school class rooms intellectualizing. Also helps to surrender to the Higher You.

Tigers Eye – Usually worn by Witches to keep them grounded during major ritual workings, a connectedness with Mother Earth. Also helps to develop Will power.

Opal – This majikal and unique stone reflects outside negative emotions, and intensifies you own emotional state. This is a very emotional stone, and attracts all emotion from its universe. Helps to release suppressed anger.

Amethyst – This ray reflects the essence of Maqjik, great when used for meditation and harmony. It also helps raise the vibration of the person. It is also here to teach us humility.

Rose Quartz – This gem rules the Heart Chakra and is therefore essential to self-fulfillment. It is for people who have not experienced the true essence of love and find I hard tuning into their own inner emotions.

Citrine – Citrine stimulates activity in all of the physical systems. It is comforting and life giving, it warms the body. It also attracts to it the riches of the Earth. It is used to protect and project your own powerful creative force.

Smoky Quartz – For personal empowerment, it inspires one to accept and inspire personal challenge. It also gives one a personal sense of pride. It helps people who may be a little suicidal, and helps give them confidence and inner strength.

Black Obsidian – This gem acts as a magnet that draws the spiritual forces into the body. It helps understanding the the spiritual within the physical. It protects against spells and personal attacks.

Fluorite – Helps one to tap in vast resources of creative energy. Also great for centering and meditation.

Amber – The most majikal for Witches to help them stay connected to things past, and to the whole of life on this planet. Especially great if it has insects of any sort in it. It helps revitalize tissues and organs. Always cleanse Amber to ensure its potency in healing.

Bloodstone – Bloodstone is what is says, a cleanser of the blood. It is great for detoxification, circulation, but mainly for cleansing the organs.

Carnelian – It holds the memories of our ancestors and the Earth. Great when there is energy blockages, and also helps stimulate the sexual chakra and reproductive organs. It also stimulates deeper love and excellent for protection.

Lapis Lazuli – This majikal Egyptian stone was originally ground and made into a religious dye for ceremonial robes. It draws out demons from within and banishes them, and cleanses the soul of impurities. It actually serves as a mental and spiritual cleanser.

Malachite – It is one of the oldest stones which has been used for thousands of years by Shamans for its healing and transformational properties. Helps aid in poor eyesight, and increases inner vision. Also great for cosmetic purposes such as eye shadow etc. Malachite is also called the women’s stone.

Moonstone – very useful around the time of menstrual cycles as they assist in balancing the hormonal and emotional side. They represent total balance and harmony with equilibrium.

Peridot – Helps to release tension and balances the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands.