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This is the last of the four elemental tools. It is a feminine symbol and represents the element of Earth in most traditions.
The style of pentacles varies as much as any other of the tools. Most are a metal disc with a pentagram in the center (approximately 5-6 inches in diameter).
It can be made from, metal, wood, stone, clay, wax, etc just about any material really.
Some have it very plain others prefer to decorate it with various symbols.
Generally speaking most have it as a centerpiece of their altar. It can be used to consecrate a variety of objects. It represents the microcosm within the macrocosm; it’s a magic circle within a magic circle. This is a very simplistic view of it’s symbology but to go any further would be far to
complex for this level. As you progress in your studies the mystery of the pentacle will reveal itself to you through many and varied lessons.
This is also a non-consecrated tool. Symbolically it is very well known and associated with the craft.
Many witches and pagans like to wear this symbol as a way of publicly acknowledging their chosen path. This kind of jewelry is very different in intent and meaning from the pentacle used on an altar.