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The Wand


Majik Wands of Wicca and Witchcraft have been confused with the Ceremonial Wands of the Majikal Orders, such as The Golden Dawn etc. Where they place the Wands in the South representing the Fire Element. But in the more primitive Shaman and witch traditions the Wand is an Air Element tool. In Shaman Traditions, they use to bless all their paraphernalia by hanging it in tree’s, so the spirit of Air and the breathe of great Spirit would bless it. The reason for this is because the traditional Wand comes from a tree and is usually a branch that has never touched the ground. The only Wand that should be used in Witchcraft representing the Fire Element is from a tree that has been struck by lightning. This makes for a very powerful Wand, infused by the Gods of Nature. This Wand then is charged with all the Masculine energies of Air and Fire.

An Earth Wand is usually a tap root of a Majikal tree that has been growing underground and has another root twist around I to give is a spiraled look. This also gives the appearance of a two toned colouring that when sanded back gives a great look about it. These sort of tree’s usually grow in rainforests and in swamps. In the south of Perth in Western Australia these are growing everywhere. This is a special Wand for helping people to ground, and also for working with the Forest Dwellers, Elves, Pixies, Gnomes and with the Earth Elements and Elementals.

A Water Wand is usually a tree branch or root that has been growing under water, or into a flowing stream, river or brook. The best Water Wand would be a dry shard of Coral. This becomes a Love Wand for helping couples with their relationships or to help in bringing lovers together, especially soul mates and twin flames. The Water Wand helps also with the element of Water and its Elementals, in summoning them with the Wand you can ask their aid to teach of their knowledge and its ebb and flow in the universe. You can also make wands for any specific reason, as long as it is Properly Prepared and made. The least effort in changing its natural look the better. Do not paint it or stick gems all over it, the more natural it is the more natural the force is that will flow through it. Today we see so many different types of Wands, in New Age shops etc. Some are quite elaborate, it amazes me how we humans always try to go one step further that what Mother Nature has in all her magnificence created and given us.