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Moon Phases

Dark Moon

Introspection and Shadow work – A quiet time, a pause, a time of rest.

Rest, look inward. Reflect, tie up loose ends. A good time for fasting, our bodies recuperative powers are low, so take into account when planning a surgery. This time marks a low point in the emotions, those prone to depression should be careful on these days.

New Moon

New Intentions – Start an activity at this time, it will be supported by the increasing energy of the Moon.

The Moon crescent remains invisible for some time after the moment of the New Moon. Many who live with the Moon’s rhythms do not start anything until they can see the thin crescent of the Moon. The new crescent can be seen with the naked eye approx 16 hours after the calculated New Moon time.

Cresent Moon

Growth – This is the perfect time to be positive, motivated and take action.

Things are moving forward and there is the hope of more to come. It provides a burst of energy and forward moving strength and power that you can tap into. Our plans, dreams and ideas are growing and this is a great period to focus on anything which you would like to deepen, grow and commit to.

First Quarter Moon

Balance – Growing and moving forward.

The time when the lunar disc is half illuminated and the other half is dark. Symbolically, we say, light and darkness, yang and yin, the positive and the negative are equally strong at this time, and there is a struggle between them. The First Quarter is a highly energised time, this is a moving, dynamic energy that urges to be spent.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Refinement – Course correction, sometimes the outcome is better than planned.

We should start seeing results from our actions and movement towards our goal. However, things may not be happening exactly as planned or expected, this is okay! Course corrections can be made, and take action to achieve what we set out to achieve. Results could be unexpected, but change is seen throughout this period.


Full Moon

Saturation – The high point of energy, almost over saturation, of having too much of it, brimming full to overflow.

The moon rules the subconscious, the Full Moon, is a great time for creative people as it is usually a very busy creative time. Also, on the other hand, people with an unstable psyche, with the saturation of energy can experience a breakdown during the Full Moon.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Disseminating – Bringing about energies for heightened communication, revelation and completion.

During this time the moon is more than one-half but not fully illuminated, & decreasing, energies are dispersing.

Spells and workings done on the full moon are spreading out into the eithers.

Last Quarter Moon

Banishing – Shedding anything that is holding us back, dragging us down and just generally hindering us.

During this time the moon is again is in balance, light and dark, but the light is decreasing. As the moon appears to be getting smaller, it is a good time for banishing work, and to focus on ridding of things such as bad habits, stresses or negative thinking.

Balsamic Moon

Reflection – The old cycle ends and the new one is near, reflect and revise.

This is a time to withdraw from the world, rest and renew yourself. It is also the final releasing & purging stage.

Think things over, contemplate and complete anything remaining. Think of what you need to banish, such as relationships or projects that are no longer serving you or that you have lost interest in, as you prepare for new