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The Magick Circle

The Majik Circle is the Wiccan Temple. It is the place where Wiccans formally worship the Goddess and God. It is the place where most would prefer to practice Majikal workings, for here they can be sure they have the eyes and ears of the Old One’s.

Our Temple is likened to that of Christian Church, the Islamic Mosque and the Jewish Synagogue, and it’s ancestors include Stonehenge and Avebury. The only difference between ourselves and our Temple and that of mainstream religions is that our Temple was formed by the Goddess and God, and awakened by ourselves. As we prefer to work with Mother Nature, which means being out in the open and not surrounded with obtrusive structures that block our view from the wonderment of what the Gods have created.

The floor of our Temple is the living Earth which is beneath our bare feet. The walls are the beautiful trees and sweet scented plants and shrubs, flowers, herbs that surround our prepared space, thus being the Circle. The ceiling of our Temple is the dark night sky that illumines the heavens, with a million flickering lights that are the stars.

We believe that Witches are never alone, if ever we feel alone all we have to do is look to heavens, and know that each star is the soul of our past brothers and sisters, placed in the night sky to always watch over us, and to help keep us safe.

A Circle can be cast indoors, whether for the sake of privacy or because of severely inclement weather. But, where possible, a Circle should be cast outside under the stars, and the ever patient gaze of the Moon. A group may have it’s own ritual area that it uses exclusively, in a member’s back yard, or even out in the bush. Or a group may go to one of the many sacred sites that may be around your city.

Groups that work inside usually have a room dedicated to the Goddess and God and so it is permanently set up for worship. I myself have and indoor Temple for myself and the Priesthood and also a large outdoor Temple for my Coven. Note: that this does not mean that the Circle is a permanent creation. After every ritual, the Majik Circle is closed. Every Circle is a temporary doorway to the Astral, and is a creation of the personal power of those who have put up the Circle. Without the appropriate ritual to dismiss and thank the Astral entities invoked, an abandoned Circle is ripe for etheric mischief by angry spirits, who will usually take out their wrath upon those that raised the power in the first place.


As a Tool to work on the Astral, the Majik Circle has three main functions:

CONCENTRATION: It provides a comfortable atmosphere suitable for focussing energy to be raised.

PROTECTION: Alas, there are malingering astral entities that may attempt to tap into ones psyche whilst being open during the rites.

CONTAINMENT: As energy is raised, it must be contained or ‘packaged’ until it is ready to be sent out to it’s target. There are some symbolical aspects of the Majik Circle that the Seekers should be familiar with that relate to Wiccan Philosophy.

The Circle is a geometric figure. It has no end, and no beginning, nor does birth-death-rebirth, the cycle of reincarnation. Were you to stand upon a flat treeless plain and look up, you would be the exact centre of a circle. You are the microscosm within the macrocosm.

A Full Moon, or the Setting Sun, symbols of deity, appear as circles in our sky. A circle defines space in two dimensions. As we work in three dimensions, would it not be reasonable for us to work in a Temple of three dimensions? The Majik Circle is actually part of a MAJIK SPHERE. Half of the sphere is above ground, and the other half below ground. The Circle then represents an area where the sphere cuts the ground. Thus does the majik Circle contain and protect, for Majik, both good and mischievous, knows no physical limits and can, if allowed, go up or down as well as out and about.

So why don’t we build a Temple with physical walls, a physical roof, with hot and cold running water in the West ? Well, actually some do, even in a purpose built Temple, the sphere/circle is still cast because:- The Majik Circle creates a place often described to as being

‘between the worlds’ – a common ground where humans can communicate with the Goddess and God, and the Ancient One’s.

The creation of the Circle is a key ritual of Wicca, one does not differentiate it from other religions. Majikally constructed Temples are definitely preferred places of worship. The very act of building a temporary Temple with Majik energy helps to create a proper mood, or to raise one’s ritual consciousness. The Majik Circle could be likened to a clearing in a rainforest, a place of peace and harmony amidst the ‘eat or be eaten’ chaos of the mundane.

As we clear a space for our Circle, indoors or outdoors, we are also clearing our psyches and becoming attuned to the tasks we have set ourselves. As the Circle becomes manifest, a living thing that surrounds us, it becomes a part of us as we prepare to do the Great Work of Deity and thus become One with all that is Divine both within and without, spiritually and physically.

The Circle also has 13 main focal points of sacred teaching. These directions are symbollic of all of the Wiccan knowledge of life and death, the Seasons, the Elements, the Power of the Merlin, Elementals, Archangels, etc.

They reveal to the Initiate, that when those of the Wicca work within the Majik Circle, they are working on all levels of Awarenesss, on the physical, mental, astral, psychic and spiritual Planes. From the secrets of the Triangles that are interlaced within the Majik Circle come the Hidden Knowledge of the Wise, and these are called the Secrets of the Epagomenes.

The 360 degrees of the Witches Mysteries. When the Goddess feels you are Properly Prepared to receive and perceive the touch of the Old Gods and Goddesses.